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Blenheim Consulting - Creative Investing

Blenheim is a creative consulting and investment service dedicated to helping people realise their ideas.

Created in 2005 by Matthew Lane to enable investment in the emerging Montenegro property market, the company has since expanded to include detailed project management, quantity surveying and estimation of large scale projects, IT development and support, property development, acquisitions management, environmental consulting and adventure sports. In essense the investment of funds in interesting and innovative ways that encourage investor participation.

Amy Watson our resident Social Ecologist and Environmental Director is currently working on many projects including eco certification, environmental education and environmental awareness campaigns. With Amy, Blenheim Consulting has worked with governments, NGO's, National Parks, schools, cities and communities promoting and designing outreach programs for the last sixteen years.

Nik Paddison joined Blenheim Consulting in 2010, Nik is a freelance trainer, consultant and writer. Nik has been working in the Western Balkan region since 2003. He has been a professional trainer since 1998 working mostly on the European level. Blenheim Consulting can now offer a wide range of training and support opportunities for the business sector and for the NGO sector.

Blenheim Consulting has at its core ethically and socially sustainable practices in all areas of its operation.



Blenheim managed project wins international award! The Pluto Developments Stoliv Villa project has just been awarded 3rd Place Internationally at the Cemex Design Awards.



Blenheim Consulting believes that with the right combination of skills, communication, preparation and attention to detail, our project management teams will produce excellent results.



Blenheim Consulting offers a broad range of training and support opportunities, both for the business sector and for the non-governmental organisation sector, large groups or individuals.